Monday, 19 October 2009

Feel good story

Well done Jenson Button! What a great ending to a story that speaks of fantastic determination despite so many setbacks (although £24 million over 3  years isn't bad either) and there is another news story of mixed value (Times2, Oct 19th) we can stop going to the gym because it doesn't help us keep 'trim' (that's the good bit)- although, apparently, I've actually got to eat less for that to happen (that's the not so good bit!)....I actually pre-empted the first bit by about 5 years but am working up to the second.

Following the mad conference activity in Edinburgh last weekend and the beginning of last week it was down to more mundane, although important, matters. I spent what turned out to be a very pleasant day with our legal and financial advisors looking at a range of plans and options for future developments within Socitm. It was made the more pleasant by the fact that it required a night in Lincoln......

and a particularly nice meal at the Wig & Mitre ( ).

This week, Oct 19th, starts with a meeting to 'finalise' details on the new Socitm website before our 'go live' later in the this space, followed by some planning around Socitm Consulting's Council of the Future comcept ( ) and discussions with Intellect about further developing the relationship between us. I also have a Commercial Board meeting , meetings with Enterprise Ireland and a Socitm Corporate Services Team meeting later in the week at which we will welcome our new Head of Membership, Ellen Jessett.....I'm looking forward to the weekend already (it's only 8 am on Monday morning). I'm sure some interesting stuff will come out of the week, of which more later in the week. Don't forget to log into and get engaged with discussions about relevance in a socially networked world. 

I can also recommend Prof. Peter Cochrane's website for loads of interesting stuff   

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