Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Lords and mice and Jiglu things

For once a sensible start time, 11am train to London. My first meeting was with Cap Gemini who we are partnering with later this month on a Technovision event, . It priomises to be very productive as we will be looking at the key business drivers for public service organisations as well as looking at links to our evolving council of the future initiative
Next it was off the the House of Lords for a meeting with Lord St John of Bletso who we will be forming a closer relationship with as a patron of Socitm. See his bio at . We continued the meeting in the bar where we were joined by a family of bold and energetic mice! (yes, you heard). Finally a pleasant evening with T Systems.

Tuesday morning and it was time to renegotiate the deal on my London residence - the Bloomsbury Park hotel - another deal sorted and accomodation secured for 2010.
As you may know, Socitm operates an online collaboration platform which we call GovX but which is actually based on a system called 'Jiglu' supplied by Kinomi who are one of our key partners. They were showing me details of the next couple of releases which arr extremely impressive and which I can see bring of great value to us and others. The main news is that they are focussing on the enterprise aspects of their product with some really funky and powerful additions to the family. There will be more about this shortly, we are certainly quite excited by what we have seen.
Now, it's catching up with an obscene number of e mails!

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