Wednesday, 14 October 2009

So it's back to normal...

Arrived back from Socitm 09 (see #socitm09 ) and immediately began booking tickets and hotels for the rest of the week....and next week. Monday evening at the Gala Dinner was a great night. We had the IT Excellence Awards ( ) and, at the end, Fred Macaulay ( ). Good as the IT awards were...if I had to choose!  Fred started his routine with what can only be described as an entirely justifiable rant against those airlines that are coloured orange and those that operate a 'pay as you pee' policy...if ever there was a group of 500 people in absolute agreement and fits of laughter, this was it. As usual the celebrations, sorry, discussion of the topics, went on a little while!. All the conference highlights can be seen at . On Tuesday we announced the winner of our travel award, the Graham Williamson Challenge, which went to Scott Mansfield from Leeds City Council who will be travelling to Australia and telling us all about it via blog and twitter...more later.

Some of the sessions covering the use of social media got interesting as it seems there are still 'technology related' issues that generate pretty passionate responses on both sides...fireworks always make a seminar so much more interesting (except for the poor presenter....) Thanks Liz ( There were also some great reviews of the session delivered by our friend Suraj from Jadu ( ) who, as it happpens are partners of Socitm in our new website project which is about to be unveiled...

A great conference, looking forward to Brighton next year. now onto meetings with legal and financial advisors...hmm!

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  1. If Suraj Kika is following your blog, then I want to follow it too.


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