Thursday, 15 October 2009

Some conference quotes

I have been to a couple of conferences recently which have yielded some great provoking or just interesting quotes:

Adrian Joseph: cloud computing and its potential to be the most disruptive force in technology over the next 5 years #socitm09

In times of change learners will inherit the earth whilst the learned are only equipped to cope with a world that no longer exists #socitm09

Let's widen the space between the best, the average and the worst with regard to innovation. Much easier to identify them then! #socitm09

And a few from Peter Cochrane at the recent CCiTDG conference ( )

Surveys show that younger generation will opt for lower pay to work in leading edge, open, innovative organisations #ccitdg

What is cloud computing? according to Tim Berners-Lee it is the web the way it was meant to be.... #ccitdg

technology is personal like underwear & socks, if the company don't buy your underwear & socks why do they buy your pda & laptop?#ccitdg

The only human that likes change is a wet baby, and even they scream and cry through the whole process...#ccitdg

Are your new young employees going to be caged by your corporate IT or freed by it? change or die,

When Peter Cochrane's full presentation is available i will link it here.

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