Thursday, 22 October 2009

An unreformation?

This drama, or is it farce, involving the Cangolics (or will they be Cathlicans?) is going to run for ages and provide hours of fun. It's like the catholic church has spent the 400 or so years since the reformation trying to come up with ways to reverse the worrisome trend - and you know what they say - when in Rome do what the desperate do!
And what on earth is a 'Holy See'?
Anyway, the times raises a slight inconvenience for would be Anglican defecting holy types - an Anglican currently gets £22.5k and a free house whereas a Catholic gets £8k if they're lucky. But I'm sure it won't come down to anything as tacky as money! There are, apparently, important principles at stake. Anyway back to the comedy, or tradgedy depending on your point of view. I wonder what I can offer by way of incentive to entice dissaffected members of competitor organisations to move to us? Not sure yet but I hope I can come up with an idea in less than 400 years!

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