Sunday, 1 November 2009

Beats the Nigerian prince!

Received Nov 1st
Normally, like any sane person, I would just delete this but the writing style and grammar are definitely something to lighten anyone's day:


It's my pleasure to write you after much consideration since i can not see you face to face. Be the only son of my late father (Dr.joseph abraham from zulu in the republic of South Africa) I am 23 years old my father was fumeur business limited liability Petrol Fuel Quality Standard And Diamond, Gold, merchant In South Africa before his death, precisely one month and three weeks after his return from Democratic Republic Of Congo (Formerly Zaire) Where he went for negotiate to diamond.

I has a News that My late father was Assassination in rosettenville, Johannesburg South Africa (May his soul rest in peace A men) Before died in hospital, as if knew disclose to me that deposite this sum of USA ($252,Million) Two hundred and Fifty two million United State Dollars, in a private security company in Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire here. Secret for safe the funds and told me that the funds was meant from Diamond In Democratic Republic of Congo (Formerly Zaire) Do to problems has with Thabo Mbeki South Africa President in the years 2005 shiftering up the funds in Republic Of Cote D'Ivoire to guardian it for him in one private security company.

Presently now i has arrivee in (Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire) Locate the security company and comfirm our trunk boxes the really contain is funds as my late father told me he deposite it in the security company here. Secret for safe of the funds to be Use, before he died in hospital so please with most honest and confidentiality i solicite ask to your help, for knew if it will be possible to you fly down in Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire here to assist me.

Act as my late father foreign beneficiary business partnership to Mr.cissie guei Chief general director of security company in his office to release our trunk boxes that contain the funds in his security company and also you help me transfere. The funds inside the trunk boxes to your Foreign Bank Account in your country so that when you will help me invest my owner share of that funds in the lucrative manifacture company. Which you will help me introduce over their you can see this funds. I talk about it's my only hope in life, so please i will like invest it in the lucrative manifacture company in your country as i am say which you will help me to managering over their as soon as you finish investing it, immediately i finish my school in your country hand over my owner investement for me so that i will start managering it by my self in your country.

All is thought according to my late father put the funds in trunk boxes and deposite it in a private security company in Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire here but one major thing it's Declearring it as Artcraft to Mr.cissie guei Chief general director of that security company. Because of safe the funds inside these trunk boxes, He gave me (1) Deposit certificate paper (2) Agreement paper (3) Reciepte of paidement slip, So that when can withdrawal back the trunk boxes in the security company In'silly any moment will need to invest the funds in your country.

You are feel to contact with me, immediately through this telephone number (xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) If you are don't undstood my email so when will discuss more about modality of this transaction on telephone. Mean while i promised to offer you 40% of the total sum for your kind assist me immediately.

Thanks you and May Our God Bless Us All, into this come investement of the funds in your country A men.

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