Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Government IT Strategy

I suppose everybody in the world has read the Gov IT Strategy except for me...but here is the 'draft' gov IT strategy. There is certainly lots in it (well 42 pages anyway), what do others think about it? There is some good stuff, but it sometimes gets me when, as on page 10, perhaps the most silo bound organisation reminds us that barriers between public, third and private sectors are more blurred than ever. We sort of know that, it's what to ACTUALLY do about it, rather than just reiterate the fact that is the issue.

I genuinely do not know the answers to these questions but, following the reminder about blurred boudaries, the document goes into PSN, G Cloud etc and I am not certain of the extent to which each of the sectors mentioned above will be able to participate in various of these infrastructure initiatives - anybody out there in IT Land know?

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