Sunday, 29 November 2009

How to lessen the burden of the inspection regime.

I have been thinking about this since the news broke about the two hospitals in Essex and I'm probably not the only one who would seriously assess the risk (to my own health) if I was admitted to hospital. When the government gave a committment to lighten the burden of inspection regimes I didn't know exactly what they meant but I didn't think it included hugely reducing their quality, meaning and reliability. Still, we have discovered that government 'moves in mysteious way it's wonders to perform'. I wonder who thought it was a good idea to say to financially squeezed hospital managers - we think the best way to ensure quality is to:
a. let you self assess
b. Give you up to 10 weeks warning of an inspection.
Well whoever it was we can be certain of one thing, they will not be held in any way accountable, because that's how government seems to work now, or doesn't work as is increasingly the case. It's certainly not a confidence booster and I am not expecting much different from the next crowd. Am I getting too cynical about all of this? Is it becoming more difficult to have confidence in the utterings of our elected representatives - or is that just me?

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