Friday, 13 November 2009

The last entry was typo city!!

I will start, to my shame, by apologising for the last entry which had more typos than a half brained chav would make....I must try hrader :-) and now I suppose I should apologise to chavs......

The interviews for a head of commercial development on Thursday were genuinely very interesting and illuminating. It was good to hear many of the things we have been planning with regard to commercial development being confirmed by ‘independent’ sources. I look forward to being able to make the announcement about this appointment very shortly as it will begin another exciting phase in our strategy.

On Thursday evening I was in Battersea for the BCS and Computing Magazine UK IT Industry Awards. I was there as a guest of Intellect ( ) for which thanks for a most enjoyable evening. However, Socitm also sponsored a number of third sector places at the event as one of our third sector partners from the Salvation Army was shortlisted. It was a great night and I have to say that BCS and Computing Magazine know how to put on a good do! Another late night, but as I was circumspect with regard to the vino and the early morning start to Lincoln wasn’t a problem. I spent the morning with David Houston, our strategic finance director, in discussion with our financial advisors exploring ways in which our company structure can be developed to accommodate the many changes we are undergoing and those we are planning.

And now, another weekend which seems to have turned up incredibly quickly with not enough time for all those e mails, so if you are waiting for a reply from me...sorry, but I am getting there.

If you want something funny, try this:

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