Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The lingering demise of lost cause?

It has been fairly obvious for some time that we have a government who are through the bottom of the barrel and into the subsoil in their search for fresh or even workable ideas, which doesn't imply a new lot will necessarily be better, although, admitedly, at this stage it would be an acheivment not to be. However, in deciding that ministers know more, and better, than the combined learning of the scientific community they have added an almost unbelievable arrogance to the (growing) 'reasons why we need to go' list.

Of course they have not come out and said it in quite as stark a way as I may have implied - no - they have set up an inquiry to be carried out by a former senior civil servant. Well, as we all know what happens when this government don't get the answers they want, I won't be holding my breath for the outcome.
But hey, at least they'll get our tax money back from the 'investment' we all made in the banks - won't they?

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  1. I'll be amazed if any Government can now sort-out the economic mess. The only possible solution is hyper-inflation to wipe-out the debt - along with all savings and investments (with probable exception of investment in gold etc). You can't run a country like the Weimar Republic, and not get the Weimar Republic - and possibly very similar societal implications.


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