Tuesday, 17 November 2009

This week, elephants, ants and Christmas

This week started well, working from home sorting stuff. I should really have been at Socitm Futures but there is just too much going on trying to juggle Socitm at the moment. There is always a sense of satisfaction when you do stuff that has been haging around well past the 'do by date' and especially when you make a dent in the e mail backlog....that was yesterday, well satisfied. But, I woke up this morning and it seems there is just as much needs doing today...

I once heard a guy speaking (probably one of these 'motivational' types that I don't really care for....) about elephants and ants, and our predeliction for dealing with the elephants, assuming them to be the most important because of their size, whilst letting the ants accumulate in quite staggering numbers. And it's true, but when I do that there is this itch, which turns into quite an uncomfortable unease, the unopened mail mounts up or the expense claims sit undealt with or the e mails back up and so on. Those damned ants get everywhere! I gotta sort them out.

Anyway, this week...On the way to London today for various meetings for the rest of the week. We have our Commercial Board meeting followed by meetings with our Consulting team and a House of Lords do around 'Lean Thinking'....and that will be Wednesday sorted. Some commercial development and policy meetings on Thursday and meeting with our events team for the post Edinburgh feedback...which will, I am sure, be illuminating. And that's it - it's the weekend already!

Another week closer to Christmas. Talking of which, I love Christmas but, for some reason this year, the oh too early Christmas adverts, lights and decorations are really getting on my nerves and I wonder if, having passed the big 50 a couple of weeks ago, I am turing into a grumpy old man? Bah, humbug, not me!

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