Wednesday, 4 November 2009

U turns, green religion, far reaching moral decisions week

What a far

Don’t you just love that all important difference between the ‘what we are going to do when we are in power’ promises (made while not in power of course) and the dawning realisation of ‘oh s*#@, I wish we hadn’t promised that!’ Well that’s where the Tories find themselves and it doesn’t bode well for potential voter confidence. Irrespective of one’s view about the issue, the fact that the U turn has happened begs some serious questions about their original intent and their ability to formulate a workable policy.....still, I guess it’s almost certain that we have more of this to come.

We’ve also had ‘Green’ elevated to the status of a religion...which probably isn’t good looking at the antics and activities of others with that dubious status! and a crucial case in the courts regarding the life, or death, of a baby with myasthenic syndrome, ( ) This is of interest for all manner of moral and ethical reasons but so much more so when you know someone whose child has the same condition. Whichever way this one goes it will prove to be a landmark decision that could be a life or death judgement on hundreds of other that space.

Anyway, to more mundane, but still very important to me, matters of my week....

On Monday I met with Helen Olsen (see ) for lunch to discuss, well things in general, as well as exploring areas in which we may have sufficiently common interest to work together. As ever it was a great meeting with lots to follow up on. Next it was off to meet with our newly appointed Head of Membership, Ellen Jessett, (see her on Linked in ) . It was her first (official) day in the job, but true to Socitm she seems to have been with us quite some time having attended the conference in October (see and a number of other meetings on our behalf. It was a great meeting with plenty of ideas and energy to engage with our existing, and not yet, members. If you are a Socitm member, or are thinking of joining, you can expect to hear more from Ellen.

Tuesday saw me in Milton Keynes speaking to a team from Seimens about where (oh where....) the market may be headed in the next 2 or 3 years. Naturally there was considerable focus on the implications of the operational efficiency programme and a change of government....Speaking of the OEP, Socitm will shortly (next week) be publishing a briefing looking at how we move forward in the light of the OEP – even though it does leave some serious and significant questions unanswered from a local government perspective...but we get used to that with central government reports! It you haven’t yet engaged with opensocitm ( ) there are some good discussions underway regarding future shape, direction and developments. But please, if you join, engage – don’t lurk or just ‘observe’ etc’s so, well...yesterday!

As I write this I am on my way down to London for a soiree at Canada house followed by a Guardian roundtable, tomorrow morning, looking at ‘The Department of the Future’ , which presumable and hopefully begins with the assumption that it won’t resemble those of the past...but we’ll see.

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