Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas eve

Well, it's Christmas Eve and thoughts of work are rapidly receding, although I did hear some health service horror stories yesterday.... Still, in this season of goodwill I'll focus on the snow:

At last some proper stuff, the first time for quite a few years. I could get quite used to this global warming (provided of course it stops just at the part where the UK has hot summers and cold winters).

Having two lads at Uni I do tend to notice any news that has implications for the cost of higher education. Although noticing it and being able to make any sense of the government's latest outpouring of mutually exclusive, confused and simply incoherent statements is altogether another matter. Anyway, I'll wait to see how it all comes out 'in the wash' and quite frankly I have higher hopes of getting more sense from my washing machine!

If any civil servant colleagues are reading I'd love to know what you feel about the £130 million in bonuses paid out in Whitehall last year. I have no problem at all with good performance or output based bonus or remuneration schemes (Socitm has certainly embraced them) but I would love to know the criteria used within Whitehall to determine who gets what...... Can anybody out there help?

Anyway, enough of that, sitting in my favourite cafe, watching the world go by, carols being played, reminding me what it is actually all about, and people wishing everybody Happy Christmas, call me sentimental but it really is a great time of the year, and to top it all Newcastle are sitting 10 points clear at the top of the table (albeit the wrong division.......). Happy Christmas.

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