Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas is coming.........

It is getting to be a bit of a habit to say ‘the week began well because I stayed in the north east and got on with some reports and e mails....always a good start. The bad news, however, is the ‘attack of the giant mole’ that seems to be going on in my back garden....

I left on Tuesday morning having arranged for some chaps who do ‘fatal things to moles’ to call while I am away (sorry to any mole lovers out there!) On Tuesday I travelled to London for meetings to discuss our consulting business and future developments, an interesting meeting with Baptie and Co. who provide online collaborative community and network platforms, see ( and an evening with our newly appointed head of commercial development and business relationships who starts early January (we will do something about the ‘snappy’ title). All in all a good day.... On Wednesday the ‘southerners’ were complaining about the cold......-1, cold?, I don’t think so. Although in Newcastle you would probably consider putting a T shirt on when it get below zero  We had a commercial board meeting for most of the day, and welcomed Paul Green from Sheffield onto the board. It was a pretty positive meeting and it is good to see how things have progressed since this time last year...not perfect by any means, but heading in the right direction. It was good to retire to O’Neils for a Christmas drink or two before going with my colleague to an Intellect / Socitm management board meeting. We are very eager to promote this group and especially keen to see its profile raised amongst our members, but in truth we have not really understood what the value to our members is....till today! We have some great ideas for next year, really relevant topics with a new format designed to deliver value back to participating organisations and individuals...more in January. Then, what do you know, we had some Christmas drinks (well, it is only once a year). On Thursday I am on an early train to Northampton to our corporate services team meeting followed by our staff Christmas lunch (and I guess a few Christmas drinks.....) We have seen some changes in the office this year and, as ever, the team have really pulled together, performed above and beyond and provided a great service to the Society. And now for the best bit...I finish on Dec Happy Christmas

and have a great New Year. We are looking forward to great things in 2010, plenty of challenges but an equal number of opportunities.

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