Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Driven home for Christmas

Well, having started my Christmas hols I am restricting activity to some e mails and the odd telephone conversation. The main activity is getting ready for Christmas, clearing out the attic and working through about 5 months of unopened envelopes with windows in them (not talking Microsoft). I do like throwing stuff out!

Listening to the news today about a patient who died having been given 10 times the correct amount of drugs, it was decided that had normal procedure been followed it just could not happen. This was followed by a spokesman saying that 'lessons had been learned that were being shared with other hospitals'!
I wonder what these lessons were? - 'don't kill your patients' perhaps, or ' if you do what you are employed and paid to do, and what is part of your job description then these situations wouldn't arise'? Does anybody else worry about a health system in which there is the admission that such lessons still need to be learned? I think I really am becoming a grumpy old man. Is 50 an appropriate qualification for this?

If you want some light relief on the internet (no, don't go there.....) have you discovered 'stumbled upon' - stumbledupon.com - it's great.
I did my usual 'collect my mother in law' run on Saturday evening, which is usually a round trip taking about 20 mins, and it took 2 hours! It would seem that 9 out of 10 UK drivers have no idea how to drive on snow and ice. My observations suggest that the popular theory is 'bang it into first and pile the revs on' . The journey was inordinately long but highly entertaining! (don't worry, no little furry animals, elves or people were injured during my journey). Anyway time to hit my study for a merciless clear out.

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