Friday, 8 January 2010

End of first week back...and it's wine time

I love snow but seem to have ended up in the only place in Britain this week that hasn't got any......central London! 

I am currently waiting for a train to get me up to the East Midlands which should be far more interesting, but probably not as much as having to drive to Edinburgh on the A68, which is Saturdays adventure! Despite the lack of snow the week has been excellent as I have been introducing our latest (and probably last for a while) appointment to the wonders of Socitm. I think at this point in the week he may prefer to describe it as the 'mystery that is Socitm'! The new Head of Commercial has some refreshing and new ideas and will be starting to contact people to meet up from next week. If you want to know who he is look on the Socitm site next week...... 

We now have a full squad at Socitm and quite an impressive line up it is in terms of combined skills, experience and vision....I am working on laying out the value and benefits our members can expect from our investment in people.

Quite a week really on most fronts, obviously the weather, with gas running out and industry getting turned off while salt is running low and our salt mines running 24hours /day.....I'm just waiting to hear that the gas is turned off at the saltmines.....I wouldn't for one minute be surprised. Mr Brown is getting pretty much stuffed, back against the wall, and forced into all manner of concessions.... I'm not a political animal but I'm guessing it's not the run up to an election that he would choose..

Here's picture for all those in central London who seem to get into such a tizz over an inch or two of snow

When I checked into my hotel (in London) on tuesday I was informed that if I wanted to turn around and go home I would not be charged...when I enquired as to why I would want to do such a thing, I was told that the weather forecast was for snow and extreme cold (there literally wasn't a flake on the ground )....I decided to brave it in London!

Having spent Thursday and evening in Norhampton we had a trouble free journey back to Euston...when the travel adventures from Tuesday seemed to join seamlessly with Friday as the normal 2.5 hour train journey to Darlington took nearly 6 hours - wrong type of train service apparently. It wasn't the fact that it 'broke down' at least three times, resulting in the driver having to get out jack it up and squirt WD40, or whatever, but that although there were trolleys full of drink and food we were told that they could not sell any because the catering staff weren't onboard (this is pre-prepared and pre-packaged food and drink)!  When this was pointed out the reason changed to 'not having a float' we offered the right change and were simply told that 'we couldn't'......However after nearly 5 hours, with no extra staff having come on board, they announced that they now would sell pre-packaged food ......but only if you had the correct gotta love it!!

The good news is that (remember the car parking adventure on Tuesday morning - see that blog entry) when I returned to Darlington tonight (eventually) my e mail had not only got through to customer service, it was acted upon and I didn't have a parking ticket - so credit where it's due......

Tomorrow it's an early start driving up the A68 to Edinburgh.....I'm sure the travel fun will continue.

Next week sees us really back into the swing with LGA / Socitm/ IDeA workshoping, our Membership Board and National Advisory Council, meetings with Cap Gemini and getting to grips with our communications strategy......and then on Monday afternoon........

Now the desire for wine has got the better of it's time to enjoy Friday night.

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