Thursday, 28 January 2010

Government ICT strategy

Well, it's arrived, the new ICT strategy. I've read the introduction and will certianly be posting stuff once I have read it more fully and conferred with Martin Ferguson, the Socitm policy tzar.....

However, in  a subsection covering 'Professionalising IT-enabled change' we are informed that,

"Increasing the capability of our staff will not only improve the performance of our IT, it will also reduce the amount the public sector spends on ICT consultants and contractors by some 50% by 2020"
and I wonder if anyone believes that? 

We are 100% supportive of and engaged with the professionalism agenda but I wonder if lack of staff skill or professionalism is actually the reason for 50% of the current level of consultancy use?  for some , sure, but 50%! Not in my experience. It is often about lack of capacity, about political masters wanting external verification, risk 'management' (read: aversion), and a host of other reasons. Could professionalism produce some decrease in the use of Consultants - probably, yes. Will it actuy do that is a very different question...let's wait and see!

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