Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The travel saga descends into farce.....

Well, kicked off the train (again) this time in Peterborough, although the interesting thing is that you are given a different reason for the forcible clearance of the train depending upon which unfortunate member of staff you harangue for information. On a positive note the journey has moved beyond being irritating into the realms of good fun...so that's something at least.

Anyway the two most likely reasons for eviction are:
1. the 'gear' on the train is 'killed by ice' (although not that killed that it couldn't go back to Newcastle!)

2. the overhead lines are down at Biggleswade (killed by ice apparently) but not that 'down' that the train they have just put us on cannot go through Biggleswade

We can, it seems, take our pick of explanation cos neither makes sense..... There was also a great announcement telling us that any and all trains are subject to delay, cancellation or replacement,but it was said in such a way that suggested we could opt for which we preferred.

I went for the replacement option and struck lucky :-)

Just as I was thinking that the light flurry of snow and 0.5 inch lying on the ground in Peterborough station had broken the country everything now appears to have been magically mended , presumably because of far more compliant ice than was expected! I am hurtling towards London as I write.

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