Saturday, 20 February 2010

A week of moving forward....

I knew this had to be a week of 'getting things done', by which I mean nailing some of the internal stuff that just didn't seem to want to go away.......This meant of couple of other external meetings needed to wait till later. One of the meetings I really didn't want to miss, but had to, was with Peter Tinson of UCISA (our oppo in higher education). However, I think he got a better deal because Ellen, our Head of Membership, stepped into what proved to be a very useful meeting. I will report more about this developing relationship as there is more news. We are quite excited about a number of relationships that we are developing with universities on a number of levels. I did manage to meet with NCC this week to discuss some interesting work they are doing around accreditation for IT departments...another space to watch!

Wednesday was our monthly commercial board meeting, which is rapidly becoming a focus for much activity. For those who are not aware, Socitm generates its own income to support and develop its membership programmes and services from a wide range of services, products and growing consultancy - see Obviously the content of this meeting is for the most part confidential but suffice to say we are extremely encouraged by the opportunities we have and particularly the recent appointment of Karl Grundy as Head of Commercial.
If you are a supplier to the government or third sectors and are interested in knowing more about how the Society may be able to help you please contact Karl : . Following this meeting it was straight up to Leicester to meet with Jadu, our CMS partners, to plan out the next major phases of our new site - the transactional functionality....then back to London to meet with our FD in preparation for a meeting in Brum on Thursday with our new legal advisors, Anthony Collins Solicitors. Now I have to confess that, based on my experience with lawyers and legal advisors generally I have gained the impression that they always like to make an industry out of whatever issue you bring to them...possibly a little stereotypical, but that is my impression. What a pleasant and unexpected surpirse I got, a two hour meeting full of straight questions, straight answers and no nonesense advice..I'm looking forward to our next meeting. There is at least one other lawyer I have met who also fits that description... Simon from Sprecher Grier Halberstam  : see . I had to rush away from this meeting - well pleased - to get back to London where we were having a meeting with our third sector colleagues to give details of the new Socitm Third Sector community . The meeting went extremely well with a welcome from William Hoyle of CTT and presenations on our new proposed membership structures from Ellen Jessett and an overview of Socitm Insight from Martin Greenwood. There was a really good level of participation and range of questions, which continued into the bar afterwards.

Unfortunately I had to leave early to get to the CIPFA Annual dinner at the Intercontinental...and that is where it all began to go wrong..I left London Bridge at 6 pm and by 8.20 pm I had still not reached Park Lane - in fact I was only just at Covent Garden. I had to give it up as a bad job because the meal started at 7.30. Having e mailed my profuse apologies I ended up in an Indian on my walk back from Covent Garden to my hotel. Still, in the big scheme of things a minor glich in an otherwise great week.

Remember the 'good ol' days?

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