Monday, 8 March 2010

Cyber war and Tory ICT plans (not necessarily connected)

I realise that our more 'spooky' colleagues will be only too aware of the threat from cyber attacks, and indeed being of the disposition they are will probably read this article and say "this doesn't even scratch the surface", although it is quite alarming enough for the rest of us...

One of the numerous fascinating statements and facts , apart from the 1.6 Billion attackes per month on US government systems (that's about 90 attacks every second of every day!) is that 'there is no effective response to counter malicious attacks'. Assuming we can find out who it is - it's China - (although they obviously categorically deny it, so we must be wrong!) the reasons for why there is no effective response could be very interesting. On the 'raiding of secrets level' it could of course be because we have lots of info the want but they have 'nowt worth anything to us' - unlikely I would think. Perhaps our technology isn't up to penetrating their systems - equally unlikely. Perhaps it is because ny measure that may be effective in preventing them hacking would need to be on some other politically sensitive level - such as some sort of sanctions on technology, trade, finance etc - but that would be tantamount to cutting of the proverbial nose or the bullet in one's own foot scenario. so maybe there are measures that could be effective in stopping the cyber attackes but would be so detrimental in other areas that the balance of risk dictates that the attacks should continue and we will keep shouting about how there is nothing we can do...but be doing something anyway? I'm beginning to understand why the spooks need to be spooky. Interesting artical though.

According to PublicTechnology net the Tories have plans, for ICT that is, and they are likely to bring fresh challenges as the frocusmoves away from 'big ticket' high risk projects and adopt a more 'small is beautiful' approach. This, for Socitm, is not a party political point as it is an approach we have been advocating in much of our thinking on 'Tomorrow's publiic services' and about which we will have more to say irrespective of the outcome of the general election. See more on Socitm's developing key policy areas 'here'

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