Monday, 22 March 2010

CFDG (who?) and other interesting things

Last week I attended an IT conference that was put on by CFDG - for the uninitiated that's the Charity Finance Directors Group ( ) Firstly I want to congratulate David Membury and the events team for a fantastic event. It was held at the Royal College of Surgeons on Lincoln's Inn Fields, which was a great venue.It ran like clockwork, had a bustling exhibition area at which, form our perspective, delegates were generally eager to visit and chat, and had a simple but information packed structure.

With John Tate in the chair, following a brief introduction, we began with a 50 min session from Dave Aron from Gartner, who was excellent. This was a very pleasant surprise having had mixed experiences with Gartner in the past.

Some of the thought provoking one liners are probably worth a repeat or two:

• CIO's suffer the problem of 'being horizontal in a vertical world'

•Security and enterprise applications are moving to tactical rather than strategic issues for the 1600 CIO's surveyed.•CIO's are now focussing on 'lighter weight' technologies - virtual, cloud, web 2 , ( survey of 1600 CIO'S globally)

•Collaboration technologies now on the 'plateau of productivity' (Gartner), as is mobile commerce, social web2 on the way.Efficiency: do more with less: productivity: work smarter not harder: Not how much has IT saved per unit, how much benefit has it produced per unit•IT managers can too easily focus on efficiency rather than productivity and heavy IT systems rather than light and agile

•IT directors often not good at communicating benefits of IT , it's not all about cutting costs.

•Many IT orgs can be described as follows: great landing, wrong airport
 That's probably enough from Dave......

The final plenary session was Prof. Peter Cochrane who, as ever, was stimulating, controversial and sent you away thinking hard about a number of your previously held preconceptions.

To see more about him, visit his site, but two things got me thinking.

He started talking about 'wicked problems' and we all thought he was joking, especially when he referred to IT as a wicked problem....for more on wicked problems see here, then apply it to IT

And to finish, a great quote from a Chief Exec:

'infrastructure is everything just below the things I really care about'

All in all a very good day with loads of ideas and thought stimulation to bring back with me.
Here we are, and very pleased to be here:

And, if you're not squeamish you really must visit the museum at the Royal College.....

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