Sunday, 28 March 2010

PiPs, 2dot0 , internal development and the budget....

Last week I attended the PiP group (although we are not supposed to call it that) – Partners in Professionalism – to give it its correct title. This group grew out of the ProfIT (Professionalsim in IT Alliance) and consists of a wide ranging group of organisations from across public and private sectors seeking to advance professionalism within IT and to work collaboratively in order to maximise the impact we can have. The meeting chaired by John Higgins of Intellect considered how best to take the group and the subject forward in ways that were beneficial to each of our constituents and that would achieve significant profile, not for the group, but for professionalism generally and individual members specifically. We had some very interesting discussion around the development of cloud based computing across the public sector and particularly the implications of such developments for many within public sector IT who are unlikely, yet, to posses the required skills or professionalism in this and related areas. The pace of change in technology, the application of technology and the huge expectations created by the functionality we all enjoy ‘at home’ presents serious threats and opportunities in equal measure to those tasked with delivering efficiencies through the implementation of technology. This is a subject to which I am sure we will return.

In the middle of the week a budget happened which contained further requirement to deliver savings and efficiency gains upon people who are finding it more difficult to deliver the year on year savings they are being asked to. From our perspective there is a clear challenge, to which we are rising. We need to continually demonstrate how our key products and services actually enable our members to deliver better and more for less and, on a personal level, to equip them for the other challenges, financial and technological, that are following hard on the heels of the current ones. The plans we have for restructuring our service offerings and the developments within professional and personal development opportunities are all geared towards this end.

I attended an event at the Royal Courts of Justice, hosted by Global Crossing which was a really good networking event and the surrounding were stunning. I am often in the position of seeing clear synergies between organisations I speak with and this was no exception as i was left wondering about the benefits of companies such as this getting down with the likes of JANET (appropriately of course) who presented at our recent Socitm Futures group.....we’ll just have to leave them to it I guess.

I made my monthly trip up to Northampton for our Corporate Services Team meeting where we review the support we are able to offer the Society as a whole, plan for future requirements and events and, most importantly, are starting serious discussions about how we can offer a more consolidated business and member support service from a coordinated Socitm Office to ensure we make best use of all resources and reduce much duplication. I think 2010 will see significant moves in this direction. The website continues to cause equal measure of joy and pain although we are beginning to see our way through to some of the hoped for benefits....I am sure that the saying about ‘the best laid plans’ is never more true than when you are talking about the development of websites and particularly keeping content current and in a format that everybody ‘likes’.....

I rushed down from Northampton to meet with Bill Wells from 2dot0. I have mentioned them before and am as impressed with their business now as I was the first time we really is one of the examples of a technology that can have an immediate and beneficial impact on a business. As it happens it was also the 2nd birthday party of 1 Alfred Place, where we were meeting, so I stayed on for the celebrations (as you would)...but I really wasn’t expecting to meet a hero there. If I say that I am an avid – very avid – fan of Pink Floyd, then follow that with the fact that Nick Mason joined the party...other fans will get the picture. Now, it’s weekend preparations for next week’s board meeting, which I think will be a significant one.

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