Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Having a break

Well, here I am in (not too sunny but there is always hope) north Wales:

....and you know what- I'm not bothered about the weather, it's just good not to be working :-)

I was reading yesterday about the need for rest and how, in our current culture, many have been conditioned to think about rest or 'inactivity' as fruitless instead of fruitful and I came across a great phrase, "don't just do something, stand there" Well, it's working for me!
Anyway, a 5 mile walk yesterday in what can best be described as 'brisk' conditions was a good start, although having just this minute seen a 60 year old friend return from a run I am now thinking that perhaps I should be running rather than walking, and that may have just ruined the holiday.'s OK, over it now :-)

If we do get any weather that allows us to see more than about 100 yards then Snowdon is on the itinerary, otherwise it will be morning coffee, cream tea, reading and some sessions at the conference that is being run here, and obviously avoiding seeing my friend begin or end their run! Will be back online next week, probably a little heavier and probably thinking about running! Oh, I went to see a guitarist last night called Roo Walker (that's not a typo) and he has got to be one of the best (and most entertaining) guitarists I have ever seen. ( )

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