Tuesday, 13 April 2010

It's manifesto time

As I start to read the manifesto headlines and highlites, I will get around to reading the full versions, I already feel beset by cynicism although I was determined to avoid that pitfall. I wasn't far into them before I began thinking 'do I even come close to believing them?'. I realised that I don't, so what's the point? But I have an uneasy feeling that this attitude isn't helpful so I am searching for a helpful one. A search that has so far proved fruitless. It is quite sobering to read the last manifesto before the current one (although it doesn't assist in the attitude search) because you realise just how much is wishful thinking ( i am being generous here) and how little accountability our elected representatives actually have for their manifesto 'promises' once they are in power. The usual cry of 'you can express your feelings at the ballot box' is pretty empty and meaningless especially bearing in mind how much damage they can do in the interim.
The trouble is, is there a better way? - answers on a postcard please - so I guess until those pearls of wisdom come rolling in I've got some reading to do.

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