Thursday, 1 April 2010

Pre holiday blog - demob happy

 I'm off to north Wales next week, so demob happy and I'm not bothered what the weather is like as long as I am not working :-)

This week has been full of variety and challenges, or should that be opportunities?

It has been our main board meeting today and that usually becomes the focus of the week, and this week was no exception. As ever there was much to discuss and most of it was about serious issues that will (hopefully) have a positive impact upon the Society and its members. We have some far reaching plans for the restrucutre of Socitm commercial activites, all of which are ultimately there to provide resource to support and develop members, as well as some very positive resolutions on professionalsim and membership going forward to our AGM in April. We are beginning to see real progress on the far reaching decisions taken at the 2008 AGM at which we broadened our membership base and introduced a much more inclusive statement of vision.

Earlier in the week I met with a great company, Premier IT, having been introduced to them a couple of weeks previously at a charity IT conference. We are exploring options for the  provision of online CPD ,mentoring and social media functionality as part of our membership services.

At the board meeting today we had a comprehensive report form Martin Ferguson, our Head of Policy, and it was really encouraging to hear about the amount of significant and relevant activity and collaboration that Martin, on behalf of our members, is involved in, for more information see the Policy section of our website. As ever, there are a lot of actions with my initials next to them but that's all for the week after next........

In the meantime these may should amuse.....  :-)

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