Thursday, 20 May 2010

Another week looking inwards

Looking inward isn't negative, it's important,just not the sort of stuff that is particularly interesting if you're not at the meetings. In fact I'm fairly sure there are quite a few people at the meetings for whom it isn't particularly interesting either! That's one of the burdens the professional meeting goer must bear! However, one of the reasons I am able to spend more time on company stuff is the fact that my 3 relatively new and relatively recently appointed colleagues, Martin Ferguson, Ellen Jessett and Karl Grundy are so good at doing their stuff. If you hadn't noticed Socitm is very active in the policy arena and you can follow Martin's activities all over the place but especially on his Socitm blog. There are great foundations being put in place in terms of Socitm membership development by Ellen and we are certainly having very constructive engagement with an increasingly active supplier community through Karl. All good stuff. As sn aside, our annual conference, Socitm2010, is in Brighton this October and is promising to be very popular and well attended with Socitm in a great position to be the meeting place for the public, third and supplier sectors. There will be information appearing very shortly on about main themes and speakers. If you are a supplier and would like more info please e mail Karl ( We are also pleased to have our new President, Jos Creese, up and running, as it were. He will be blogging on the Socitm blog and you can follow him on Twitter @SocitmPresident.

Whilst I am not really sure what to make of our new government(s), it is clear that many of our hacks (especially the one's whose intellectual capacity is.... challenged) are really struggling. If they cannot find a fight they seem determined to invent or provoke one, and some of them don't seem to mind which. However, they'll soon have one in full swing in the good old new but slightly tarnished labour camp. For me I'm not really seeing anyone join the 'race' who is a natural.... should be interesting. On the topic of the now departed it is interesting to hear the stories from senior civil servants about unjustifiable and profligate spending by the old government in the period before the election. Still I suppose that explains Liam Byrne's note to his successor '....there is no money left, good luck'. Liam never did beat about the bush.
Ooops, this is the moment I really wish I'd checked the train timetable more closely - that was Darlington flying by, we didn't stop - now what?

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