Thursday, 27 May 2010

Parties and stuff

This week began well because it wasn't in London, which means there was time to actually get stuck into stuff without meetings interupting..... Then it was CST (Corporate Services Team) meeting - which may not float your boat but it does keep the show on the road. As in any organisation, those up front get the glory and those in the back office make it happen.
This was followed by a meeting to discuss and plan the next stages in our web development..... now that's a meeting where you'd want to be a fly on the wall!
We had John Fox facilitating ( and his dog Molly) who between them dug out a number of real issues that we can address pretty quickly, so..... result!

That was followed by a mad rush to London to join Martin Bellamy at his leaving/joining drinks do in Covent Garden. It was really great to catch up with a number of old acquaintances and to be convinced that 'Mr G Cloud' will certainly be taking a whiff of vapour with him to his new role in justice. We remain committed to the vision.
Anyway, I'm now looking forward to the weekend, a family celebration - my wife's birthday (today) my son's birthday and his (finally) finishing university- plus his new job at the Audit Commission.....And there's a(nother) bank holiday with the promise of motorbiking up to Hartside...quickly. (google it) :-)

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