Thursday, 24 June 2010

Socitm is go .....

I know that there will be very mixed views about the budget and particularly about it's implications in the public and third sectors, but, in Socitm, we still see some opportunities wrapped up in the many challenges, (see Jos Creese' comments on the budget budget-does-not-recognise-importance-of.htm. )

Whilst Socitm is most certainly pushing out beyond the traditional 'just IT' boundaries we remain totally commited to its critical role in the efficient delivery of first class, user focussed public services. Any budget or strategy that fails to acknowledge this AND adequately account for investment and innovation is likely to run into trouble. In a culture and society where the expectation of easily accessed, easily used online service delivery is growing exponentially, a public service that does not embrace, exploit and deliver to these expectations will always dissapoint. This, I believe, puts Socitm at the heart of 'solutions provision', a part of the answer not the problem, and we are determined to rise to that challenge.
In terms of vision and credibility we have a team of people who are acknowledged as leading players in the public and third sectors and who are dedicated to delivering value back to all of our members to equip us to deliver the goods ( and plenty more waiting in the wings).
We are now well advanced with plans to introduce some significant professionalism and development initiatives and a Socitm social networking and knowledge platform. We continue our drive to provide up to the minute policy guidance, best practice advice and the continued growth of our regional networks.
OK, it's not exactly a bed of roses on all fronts at present and we have to deliver on some of the positive noises but we are well positioned to drive forward in a number of areas including member development, value added services, networking and knowledge sharing opportunities. It is a case of watch this space, or even better, join with us and 'create this space'....we really are only as good as our members.

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