Tuesday, 21 September 2010

It's been a long time, been a long long time.....

Well, the summer has been busy and I have most definitely neglected the blog....although maintained a reasonably active twitter feed (@ach59 ).

Having spent time at the Cambridge Folk Festival (which was great) taken time out for a 'spa break' in N. Wales and then paid 3 (yes 3) seperate visits to the Edinburgh Fringe and then went to the Pyrenees (they were closed by the way!)

If you are looking for somewhere great (but quietish) to stay over there I can recommend http://www.mountaingite.com/  ......However, it has also been pretty busy with a number of internal business meetings (I know, how did I fit them in......) not many of which I can talk about or indeed anyone else would be interested in.......

Last week we had our anuual 'President's Dinner' at Trinity House ( http://www.trinityhouse.co.uk/ ) which was a great occasion and a time when Socitm and it's work is showcased to a range of members, stakeholders and supporters. We enjoyed the company of several central government colleagues as well as great representation from the third sector, supplier community and, of course, local government and associated organisations and friends. The e mails following the event would suggest that a good time was had by all.

Anyway, it's back into the thick of it now...the final run up to Socitm2010 in Brighton on October 9/10/11 (see http://www.socitm2010.net/ ) and some really exciting meetings at which we will be looking at how Socitm may partner 'down under' as well as conversations with colleagues in the higher education sector. We are also on the 'cusp' (good word) of our new professional membership options and new opportunities for public and private sector organisations to engage with us. It really is all go...and I'm having a new kitchen fitted which is probably the most stressful part of it all.

I did go and watch (yes watch not participate) the Great North Run on Sunday. Watching 54000 people run past you is quite an awesome sight although the most moving parts of a long day were the inumberable personal and human stories. An elite runner finishing in 59 mins is good, but it's not what it is about. The 70 year old finishing it for his son/friend/wife with cancer is the real occasion - the people carrying each other over the line having sacrificed their own 'best' time to help another runner - that's the inspiration, and I did come away inspired, particularly as someone was running for one of my sons. Inspired enough to run next year? We'll see.

It's time to meet the Aussies.....so hopefully good news to report a little later.