Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Cameron the confused?

I have not been particularly active in blog land recently - but Mr C's speech has moved me to a missive.

The reason he is promoting transparency (apparently) is because 'information is power'.... Hmmm, this could be taken a number of ways, but, importantly, it is at best a half truth. I am never fond of half truths and rarely trust those who trade in them.
For instance, I heard a programme on the radio last week in which they discussed the 'fact' that 'money is the root of all evil' - a cheap shot that, because as I am sure they well knew, the quote is that 'love of money is the root of all evil' which is fundamentally different.
So, information is power, - what a crock of crap! Information that I hold and won't release to you - but that you want or need - now that might affect the balance of power in a relationship!
What does a council buy that totals over £500? Oooh,now that's information I've craved for many a year.
Now that I know this I am empowered beyond my wildest dreams!

I'll tell you a scenario in which information would have been power - tell us before we vote what you are going to introduce that you did not put in your manifesto - now we are getting closer to information being power. I wonder how many other 'non manifesto' surprises we have in store? How about they publish them all on a website asap - then hold an election .....

And Nick Boles ..... What can I say! Give the powers of district councils to Parish Councils - has the man ever been to a Parish Council (no offence, but.....). I am all in favour of single tier local government but please - think it through!!!

It's not all bad - there were some very good and practical suggestions and I would have gone on to enthuse about some of them had the 'P' word not cropped up and rendered me speechless.....( that's Pickles - and I'm not talking onions)

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