Thursday, 28 February 2013

33% into Lent Challenge

OK, notwithstanding the obvious difficulties in really experiencing this challenge when you live in hotels and work as a CEO,  I still find myself hit by certain 'realities' that are completely outside my comfort zone or experience. A challenge this ever about my 'attitude'.... was when I was packing for the week, which I knew involved two flights. I try only ever to fly with just hand luggage as I hate waiting at airport carousels, so packing for 4 days away with only a mid size rucksack is a challenge. This is especially so when it involves a laptop and tablet in your 6kg weight allowance.....My immediate though when packing was just pack the two shirts etc you will need for the period covering the flights then just buy stuff (shirts, ties etc) when you need them!! I know, hardly an attitude that aligns with the spirit of the challenge....Anyway, I am now an even better luggage packer and lighter traveller than I ever was, and I was pretty good. However, it's the coffee thing that gets me most often. I have a couple of hours to kill before a meeting so I would normally just find a nice coffee emporium (that sold nice cakes) take up residence and buy what I wanted. But,again, although justified by my job its not the spirit of the challenge. Then the thought struck me about those who have every waking hour 'spare' but without sufficient money to even consider a single trip to such a place let alone anything I really am drinking less coffee and eating less cake (which isn't a bad thing). I did buy a glass of wine last evening which blew 40% of my weekly spending, and it was a cheap wine. So, Thursday and have got £3 left for week.

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