Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The benefit challenge begins

Well, it's the start of Lent so it's time to get going, although i'm not sure where as I can't afford the petrol. (:-D ) I will be asking a friend if I can 'lend' a bike when I get home (I realise the correct word is borrow, but I am from the NE so was using the vernacular)..anyway, HC can expect a call.

Good news, I have found an extra £3.50 per week spending money, downside is that it has cost me my last remaining life insurance policy... so i'm worth nothing dead anymore (I feel safer already!!!...)

So, in this new view of the world, its amazing what the prospect of an extra £3.50 means.... if I am really disciplined during the week, at the weekend I may ( possibly) be able to choose between a nice latte (small) or a bottle of Aldi wine... or maybe, as its cold, have the heating on an hour longer, or supplement the £35 p wk food budget. I didn't realise I would have so many choices as part of this challenge (please note the irony), although they are somewhat different to the choices I am used to regarding how to spend money.

Because my job is somewhat different to many of my friends there are some challenges about how things will work when I am at work, but I think I have ways to deal with that in terms of 'lifestyle'. I'll only be drinking very skinny drinks - and they will be from a tap! unless I find the odd benefactor.

It is somewhat strange that my first meeting on the first day of the challenge is a lunch in Whitehall....but I promise to have small portions and no pud....

Time to head into the day.

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