Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Apple, what a nice bunch!

OK, so my 3 Apple devices (2 x iPhone 5 & an iPad Retina) are meant to be an aid to productivity, to make life easier and more connected and to give easy access to the services we need through the biggest app library on the planet.

Which was pretty much all true until IOS 8 - and it's equally impotent variant upgrades came along. The operating system from hell - and like all fundamentalist versions of hell there is no going back, it's a one way street.
So why have I turned from being moderately OK with overly expensive bits of glass and metal from a supplier that needs to get out from up its own.... well let's leave it there, to dreading switching the devices on?

It seems like a game of Russian roulette in terms of which of my (paid for) business apps won't work today - will it be the expenses app? Will it be the Office app or the parking app - I'm sure you get the picture, or not if the picture is part of an app that hitherto worked without fault!

Of course the question of apps working or not becomes academic when the networks that simply connected a week ago are sometimes not even detected this week or when they are they take an eternity to connect..... Making carrier pigeons seem like a quicker and more attractive communication proposition....

Come Apple, seems like you are making Samsung's job far too easy.....